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About Magnus Woodsmith

I started Magnus Woodsmith along with my father back in first grade to learn about business.  Originally I only made wax fire starters and kindling.  We then started making cutting boards and as they sold very well we expanded to make many more products like coasters, trays, cheese boards, charcuterie boards, carving boards and more.  Along with way we’ve done some customer orders like for a butcher block counter top, a noodle board and even a small desk.

After I lost my mom to colorectal cancer in 2020 I decided to do more with my business and I am now donating 15% of my gross revenues across all of my sales channels, excluding sales tax and shipping, to cancer related charities.   I am focusing on basic research and family support.  I have already donated in excess of $3,000 to charities, including Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (Jimmy Fund), The American Cancer Society, The Cancer Research Institute and the Colorectal Cancer Alliance.   

I’m now a sophomore at a very demanding high school and very involved in sports and extracurricular clubs and have transitioned from making most of the product sold to working on product when I have time available.  I now focus on managing the business and working on product design.  Don’t worry – everything is still made in our workshop with same care and quality our customers have come to love.