Nautical Tray – Antique Boat


The solid stainless steel hardware are boat cleats – they are great easy to use handles and look really sharp.  This tray is made from mahogany with thin maple stripes.  Looks great anywhere, not just on a boat.

Approximately 11″ x 18″

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I really like inventing different designs for these trays.  The inspiration came from a custom order from a customer up on Lake Winnipesaukee, and has grown from there.

This board is made from mahogany and hard maple and is designed to be reminiscent of the antique boats that you can still see up on the lake.

Approximate dimension 11″ x 18″ with 6″ stainless steel boat cleats and hardware.


(This is NOT made from an antique boat!)

Weight 52 oz
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 3 in